In Which Glittery, Textured Ceilings Make Me Cry

Our entire Labor Day weekend was spent laboring, and I found out quickly that the act of sledgehammering walls and ceilings triggers much more frustration than it relieves. Also, demolition isn’t nearly as sexy as HGTV makes it out to be (where ARE you, Property Brothers?!) Despite being an active person, I was surprised to learn that 6-8 hours of demo brings on the same exhausted haze (and insane appetite) that a marathon does, minus the medal and finisher t-shirt.

While I don’t mind hauling sinks, ovens, and chunks of drywall to the dumpster, my inevitable breaking point was very quickly reached as soon as we started to take the ceiling down. A bit of background — it’s gross, textured, glittery (apparently this was a design trend in the ’60s?), and houses a bunch of wires for the archaic radiant ceiling heat system, so of course all of the above had to go. I strapped on my hard hat, goggles, and mask to protect against the plaster dust, and tried to use my hammer and pry bar to take that ugliness down as efficiently as Ryan was (and showed me how to do multiple times), but it seemed to be a lost cause. Nothing budged. After half an hour of futile chipping, my protective eyewear started to mist up out of frustration (okay, maybe I was a little hangry too), and I resumed my unskilled dumpster-hauling duties. Some things are just not meant to be.

On the positive side, we (and by we I mean Ryan) made huge progress and our entire kitchen and dining room areas are down to studs. And now the progress photos…

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